Indaba Merchant

Proven, multi-channel eCommerce platform for online retailers.

Simply scan or upload your inventory and Indaba lists it on the sites you’ve chosen, configures pricing according to the rules you’ve implemented, and tracks each order as it is shipped to the customer. Using Indaba Merchant empowers businesses to maintain accuracy and increase efficiency throughout their entire operation.

Inventory Management

Indaba’s full service media inventory management software is built to help you manage your business and stay ahead of the competition.

Indaba makes it easy to scan or upload your inventory into its robust database. Our software gives you the ability to incorporate key information about your product such as location codes, product condition, special comments, and multiple internal notes fields.

Indaba utilizes batching technology to help you manage and quality check the information in your product listing. When items are entered/uploaded into Indaba they are stored in a batch that can easily be viewed and edited before it is uploaded to the marketplaces.

Indaba makes it easy to view and edit your entire inventory. Use the internal query tools to quickly find an item or a group of items that meet a specific criterion.

Multi-Channel Listings

Maximize your sales by getting your product in front of the most consumers.

Take advantage of the Indaba software’s multichannel listing capabilities. Simultaneously list your product on multiple marketplaces. The software does all the work updating your listings when a product sells to minimize the chance of an oversell.

Pricing Engine

Indaba’s pricing engine helps you move your product quickly and manage your margins.

Our software calculates competitive pricing across networks and applies your pricing strategies to position your product for a quick sell at the top price. Pricing strategies can be based on individual criteria or manually generated to build a pricing algorithm that best meets your business’s needs.

Using Indaba Merchant is like having an extra employee in the office 24/7 calculating and running algorithms to ensure the best possible price, ensuring a higher profit - all based on your rules!

Order Fulfillment

We make it easy to get your product out the door.

Indaba Merchant provides the flexibility for you to build custom picking and packing sheets based on your current orders. Indaba integrates with most major shipping carriers to provide seamless communication between your shipping software, Indaba, and selling marketplaces. Indaba stores both shipping and order data to create a complete record of every transaction.

Customer Service Interface

Answering inquiries and tracking down order discrepancies are essential to keeping customers satisfied. We have the tools to make your responses quick and efficient.

Indaba Merchant software includes a customer service interface that automatically associates customer emails with orders. You can quickly respond to customer inquiries using our standard email templates or create your own.


We understand that good information drives the best decisions.

Indaba’s software database stores vital details about your inventory and every transaction. Our internal query and reporting tools give you the ability to view and export the information. We also provide a library of web-based reports to help you review data and manage your business.


Want to find out how else Indaba Merchant can help your business?

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Want to find out how else Indaba Merchant can help your business?

We'd love the opportunity to show you. Contact us with any questions and a member of our team will be in touch.